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If your computer or network is slowing down, acting up, or generally misbehaving...Yes, we can help! Remote support can connect you with a skilled technician within moments!

Based in Colby, Kansas. We proudly serve the communities of Northwest Kansas, Northeast Colorado, and Southwest Nebraska with quality computer, server, and network diagnostics and repair.

Specializing in:

  • Computer hardware diagnostics and repair
  • Remote support - repair and software training
  • Virus, spyware, malware & botnet removal
  • Network infrastructure design and fabrication
  • Server security, maintenance, and virtualization
  • After-hours maintenance, minimizing downtime and productivity loss

Honest service at fair rates. Period.

Icculus Computers was founded on the tenet that fast, friendly computer and network service shouldn't break the bank, and shouldn't keep you waiting.  We are requiring appointments because we are still in startup; and the primary engineer works a full time job fulling obligations to another employer. This makes his availability nights and weekends, which for business and residential customers is actually ideal.  There are no after-hours or weekend rates that will double your bill. Most people work during the weekdays, and businesses can't afford downtime during these hours. During "off-hours", the industry average charge is a $120-$150 per hour. Our rate is still $50.

PC virus/malware cleanup will typically take a couple of days, and on average, two hours of actual "face-time" with the computer.  These can be done via remote session, but may require several phone calls for reconnection after reboots.

Since our strategy doesn't entail retail, the value you would normally lose in retail markup can go towards overnight shipping.  If the timing is more flexible, the savings is all yours to keep!

We don't want to make a dime off hardware. That's not in the business model. This does mean that on-hand parts are limited: select varieties of RAM, hard drives, battery backups, routers, switches, and cabling (that's it). Since we don't intend to resell, we cannot and will not stock merchandise beyond the bare-essentials. This may change some day, if we decide to open a storefront. recommends for all your hardware and software needs! They are excellent at what they do (retail), which frees us up to be excellent at what we do (repair). Should you require ordering assistance, call or email us today!

Icculus recommends Sophos Security

There are many antivirus programs, and many do a fairly decent job, and there are network appliance firewalls that are good at what they do. In quest to find the best, Sophos offers the best performance and security for the dollar.  Home users can protect up to 10 devices for free, Windows and Mac. They are unique in the industry because they offer hardware firewalls and network devices as well as their own antivirus and endpoint solutions.  I endorse Sophos because its simple, fast, and effective.  They don't pay me to sing their praises, but I'm singing anyways ♪♫