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Mission Statement: Offer timely, honest service, with economical pricing.

Press Release

In August 2015, James Cheney purchased the domain, to officially start business operations by September's end. Cheney registered the domain in October, 2014, to register it as his legal business name.

Cheney brings 15 years of technical computer experience to his customers. After working for six years as the primary in-shop technian for a local computer support company, he decided that he could offer a high quality of service and fair rates if he were in business for himself.  In 2013, he left that company. Due to contractual obligations, he waited two years for a non-compete agreement to expire before could bring his services back to the public. Meanwhile, Cheney started working on proprietary systems with Westhusings Inc to avoid a breach of his agreement.  This afforded him time to pick up several new skill-sets, and develop his business model. His passion is and always has been resolving computer related issues, and helping people in general.

Cheney explained, "The website was spawned out of necessity."  He ellaborated, "from working for another company that had a confusing name, I realized that we needed a website that could be typed effortlessly".  Saying '' over the phone leaves plenty of chances for spelling confusion, but if I can get the customer to repeat back 'help this computer', it facilitates access to the site."

Cheney says, "For the past two years, people have asked me for support, on almost a daily basis. I've begrudgingly had to decline, explaining the whole contractual situation. Several of them have responded with 'You let me know the day has come'.  I've been working for Westhusing's Inc., serving Western Kansas for the petroleum equipment industry for 2 years now, servicing various Point of Sale systems, fuel controllers, and petroleum systems.  I will continue to work with them until logic and finances dictate that I make & Icculus Computers my sole obligation. I intend to grow slowly, and give each customer the best personal experience that I can make possible."

Cheney also commented, "Community support is already apparent. The pace of my growth is dependent on volume of business. I only plan on carrying the essential parts required to fix most common computer issues: power supplies, hard drives, battery backups, routers, network switches, and common types of RAM. If someone wants a computer, they can benefit from this:  I will not charge markup on direct ordering. I will sit down with the customer, take them to Newegg and help them order everything they need. If they want me to install, maintain, and support, I'm happy to. Carrying volatile parts in an industry that with rapid obsolescence is a pitfall that I'm not eager to stumble into.  Staff will be added as we grow, yet my goal is to only employ technicans, so that every call can be answered by highly knowledgable staff"

To learn more about Icculus Computers &, please call 1(844) 422-8587 (1-844-ICC-ULUS)