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Remote Support - Click Here
(For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

$50 for the first hour, $30 for each additional hour
1 hour minimum, additional time billed in 15 minute increments
Billing Examples:
1.5 Hours = $50 + $15 = $65
1.25 hours = $50 + $7.50 = $57.50

Remote Support Request Form

This form must be completed and on file before we can proceed with any remote support or training. 

Even in you are on the phone with us, we still need this for our records.

Time begins when the remote session starts!

Remote support sessions are recorded to ensure quality of service.

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We accept checks by mail, PayPal, and Credit Card (via PayPal)

We are kinda paranoid, people appreciate that. We don't accept credit cards via our website, because we don't trust ANY encryption with financial information,
Your data is too important to us to see it compromised, Even the best encryption can be circumvented if your computer is infected.

Remote Support

Please make checks payable to:
175 E. Ash St., #1
Colby, KS 67701